Planned and developed with the future in mind, Samalaju Eco Park lies at the heart of Sarawak’s energy intensive industrial region. It strives to be amongst the first development in the state that epitomizes the concept of Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. Lush greenery, flowing waterways, wide open spaces, convenient and inclusive community amenities and interconnected transportation networks and hubs, together contribute to making this township an eco-friendly yet exciting locale.

Our Green Masterplan

The Samalaju Eco Park emerges out of our vision to provide a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle to the thousands working in Sarawak’s energy intensive and heavy industries. The township has been developed with its future residents in mind, done so through firstly understanding the needs of the current and future community, then meticulously converting dreams into realities. Crafted from a semi-undulating oil palm landscape, the township has been planned to preserve as much of the land’s natural landforms and gentle water bodies, while introducing modern and advanced comforts of living. Homes within the township are carefully laid out to receive minimal noonday sun exposure while maximising on natural ventilation for cooling effects. They are also placed such that each home is a short leisurely walk away from recreational spaces, parks and community amenities, increasing the conveniences of residents. The Eco Park will also boast a complex interconnected web of bicycle pathways, pedestrian walkways and public transportation routes that connect this township to the rest of Sarawak.

Planning for the Future

The 21st century emphasizes technology-assisted living, wired connectivity, flexible living spaces that adapt to changing lifestyle requirements and low carbon footprint. Samalaju Eco Park has been planned to cater to lifestyles of the future and it will be progressively developed and enlarged to stay updated to changing living trends. Governing each phase of development is a set of stringent mandatory guidelines focused on environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Planning for Green Living

Planned as a self-contained and fully equipped township, residents enjoy easy accessibility to all their daily needs. Tree-lined pedestrian paths, bicycle tracks and public bus networks connect homes to a multitude of amenities such as F&B services, post office, parks and recreational facilities, allowing residents to enjoy car-free lifestyle. Car parks where required are cleverly tucked away from main streets keeping them safe for pedestrians. Green and blue spaces in the form of parks, playing fields, community gardens, golf courses and water bodies dot the township to provide community spaces for healthy living and social interactions, and simultaneously reduces heat island effects to the township. Secured living and working spaces give residents peace of mind whilst residing within Samalaju Eco Park.

Current Projects

Two projects at the township have been completed so far. The first is a three bedrooms apartment complex made up of 16 blocks of 4 storey walk-up apartments.

The second is two adjoining blocks of shophouses, which will serve the residents of Eco Park as well as surrounding areas nearby.

In view of the great demand for permanent residential at Eco Park, the construction of another 6 blocks of 4 storey walk-up apartments have commenced since July 2018 and expected to complete first quarter of 2020.

Download: Location Plan & Site Layout

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